Online Study Checklist

Online Study Checklist

There are many pitfalls which must be avoided when choosing an online college. Unfortunately some colleges will enrol students, take their money and promise them a recognised qualification however, in reality this is not always the case and you need to do your homework before enrolling with a college if you are to avoid throwing away your money or ending up with a qualification that is not worth the paper it is written on! Always ensure that youchoose a reputable college – phone them up, discuss your needs, and ask questions!

Pay the college directly for the course you have signed up for – avoid colleges who re-sell their courses to numerous other colleges
check out their premises – do they have decent offices or training rooms or are they running their business from the spare bedroom?
check out the Awarding Body and who the company is registered with. There are many companies setting up their own ‘qualification’ however you can bet your life when you apply for a job and show your prospective employer one of these certificates you will not go to the top of the employment pile!

Look at the cost of the course you are interested in and compare the price with a few colleges. Is there a huge difference in pricing? If so, ask yourself why. Generally speaking, a course which requires external assessment will be more expensive than a course which is classed as knowledge only, simply because an assessor will charge for their travelling time to and from the workplace in addition to their tuition.

Finally, try to gain as much information about the college you are considering enrolling with before you part with your hard earned money. A good college will be easy to contact and happy to answer your questions – ask industry specific questions and request information about tutors and assessors.

Check out their reputation on social media/review sites (although bare in mind that certain review sites allow a company to delete bad reviews!)

If you are still unsure about any courses which you are looking into, give the awarding body a quick call and ask them to recommend a company which offer the course. The awarding body work closely with online colleges so they will know the best ones for learners!

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