About Us

Childcare Online Training are a UK based training company specialising in Early Years courses. As a Cache registered centre, we are experts in courses from the countries leading care awarding body. All of our courses come with certification from Childcare Online Training and the vast majority also have Cache accreditation attached.

By specialising in what we know, you are guaranteed to be taught by a knowledgeable tutor with all the relevant qualifications to teach you to the highest possible standard.  Sadly, many other online colleges will assign tutors to courses that do not fall within their educational background – this means you could end up with a tutor who knows less about the course than you do!  Childcare Online Training tutors are all vocational experts.  Put simply, we believe that our tutors are the best there is when it comes to early years which means you will be getting a better learning experience than anywhere else.

Our tutors are all current early years practitioners and are committed to giving you the support you need to complete your course. We only employ tutors and assessors with a vast background in childcare so you can rest assured that you are being taught by the very best!


Based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, we also have interests in several day nurseries in the North of England which means we know exactly what employers look for in a qualification. After all, getting certified is the best way to get employed. And with our online learning techniques and years of experience, we can set you on the right track to have a successful and rewarding career in childcare.