Modern Online Learning

The Learning Management System that we use, Moodle, has been consistently voted as the best online learning system for many years now. Moodle allows you to have your own account with a profile picture (if desired) and access course materials 24/7. Assignments are uploaded and marked in Moodle also and all of your feedback and assessments are kept safe until the end of your course.
All of your learning resources are kept safe and secure on our system ready for you to access. Navigating through Moodle is easy and intuitive, yet the courses we provide are robust and in-depth. Because we run our own settings also, we know exactly what practitioners need from qualifications and provide the perfect courses for people working in childcare and early years.

Responsive Technology

Our system is the best in the world for online learning
Fully responsive so your learning can be done on any device
Browse and read through materials on your smart phone too